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Love in a mist

Cockpit and App


  • Improved People search behavior and timeouts
  • Improved Group Search behavior and timeouts
  • We've added 404 pages
  • UniqueKeys are no longer case sensitive


  • Fixed a bug in the manage feature where the search box would lose focus when typing
  • Fixed a bug in the manage feature where the ampersand character (&) was incorrectly handled
  • Fixed Console.log outputs
  • Some unique keys could not be deleted from the cockpit
  • Webhook URL in the templates section was saved but not shown to user in the cockpit after reload of the page
  • Access review allowed to modify membership in dynamic groups
  • Images for success and failure where too big



  • Improved channel provisioning functionality and performance of the EasyLife engine
  • Improved handling of unique keys with a better naming collision if your unique keys got out of sync
  • Improved Metadata application resiliency during creation
  • Increased Tenant scan threshold
  • Better exception handling when interacting with the Graph API
  • Teams templates support emoji in names


  • Fixed a bug where the wiki tab was not removed when a channel provisioning failed
  • Fixed a bug where private channel provisioning would fail when guest account was added to a Team
  • Notifications should not be sent to invalid email addresses
  • Fixed a conflict with Azure key vault if a key was deleted

Add-ons 🚀

  • You can provision tabs in Teams! The add-on supports tabs for SharePoint Libraries, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, and the new Channel Calendar
  • Provisioning template selection can now be filtered by EasyLife Template ID and Metadata