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Version: 2.1.7

Getting started

If you want to plan a meeting with your colleagues but don't know their availability, use EasyMeet and make your life easy. EasyMeet is a meeting poll tool that takes over the tasks you don't want to do if you plan a meeting or participate in it. Find the best time to meet, and let EasyMeet block your calendar for the timeslots you choose.

Here you can learn how to work with EasyMeet and understand the quirks and the best ways to create new polls. While most of the actions come intuitively, there are some parts where questions may arise, and help is needed. Here we answer the most common questions and give you a good starting point.

The first thing you will notice when you go to is that you can only access it with a Work or School Account. Even though only people with such an account can organize new meeting polls, every person with an email address can participate in a meeting poll.

If you need further help in your role, you can do that by reading the howtos of your specific role: