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House leeks

EasyLife App & Cockpit


  • This version enhances our caching capabilities for the EasyLife App and Cockpit. This allows us to cache more data locally which makes the applications much faster.

  • We have implemented enhanced compression techniques to reduce the size of information sent over the wire when accessing EasyLife resources.

  • The Onboarding section moved from the top menu in the cockpit to a new tab under Settings. And we renamed it to Permissions to make it easier to find.

  • We have added an additional field called Helpbox to the edit section of custom metadata fields. Users will see the helpbox when clicking the ℹ button next to a custom data field.

EasyLife 365 Collaboration Engine


  • We have improved the retry logic and overall resilience when calling webhooks


  • We fixed a bug that prevented Viva Engage groups with descriptions longer than 150 characters from being created
  • And we fixed another bug where disabled templates would be displayed incorrectly in the manage section of the cockpit