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We spent most of summer working on the next big thing for EasyLife 365. Guest account management. Today we are thrilled to announce that we have finalized the code and published it to both, Insider and Production deployments. The guest account management feature is currently in private preview, be sure to hit that contact button if you want to give it a spin!

EasyLife 365 Cockpit


  • Added new B2B module to the EasyLife 365 Cockpit
  • Show configuration options for B2B templates and policies
  • Implemented first policy templates with first policy rules
  • Added a dedicated manage section for B2B accounts to allow admins to manage their B2B accounts using the EasyLife 365 Cockpit

EasyLife App

  • Implemented first version of the new My Accounts overview with search capabilities
  • Users can now invite Guest Accounts through EasyLife
  • Implemented first version of Take ownership workflow
  • Implemented first version of Transfer ownership workflow
  • Added modification, removal, disable/enable account capabilities for Azure AD guest accounts to the EasyLife 365 App
  • User can see guest account details through the app


  • We have fixed a bug that caused the default language for templates to be shown only in Microsoft Edge.