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We introduced buttons for policy actions with the guest account management module. This update brings the same feature to group-based resources. Owners can now take action directly in the EasyLife 365 App. The available action buttons depend on the escalation actions set in the assigned policies.

EasyLife App


  • Users can now add new guest accounts to a group or team right in the create wizard.
  • The owner of a guest account can remove other owners during invitation or in the detail view of a guest account.
  • The owner of a team can archive/unarchive the team from the details view in the EasyLife 365 App.
  • Escalation actions are now available as buttons for group items.
    • Teams can be archived if the associated policy uses Archive as escalation action
    • Groups/Teams can be deleted if the associated policy uses Delete as escalation action
    • Guest accounts can be removed with one click if the access review policy uses Remove Guest Accounts as escalation action