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EasyLife App

To make it easier for your user to choose between guest and collaboration templates we switched to a different layout.

Template selection

EasyLife 365 Cockpit

Using provisioning actions you can now customize your Teams templates further! Decide what resources are created in which manner and how the end user sees them. Configure these assets during the Teams creation:

  • Default OneNote notebook with Sections
  • Planner Plan with buckets and priorities
  • SharePoint libraries and site security settings
  • Associate the SharePoint site to a Hub or apply site designs
  • Copy a folder structure to your SharePoint library or copy the contents from a Template Team
  • Provision standard channels with configurable tabs, private channels, and shared channels

In the manage section of the cockpit you can now export all groups and guests of the current view. Really helpfull if you need to use Excel to extract some additional information 😉 Further you can also filter between enabled and disabled accounts in the guest account manage section.