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Parrot Flower

We are thrilled to announce that onboarding EasyLife 365 has just become even simpler! Our new streamlined onboarding process ensures that integrating EasyLife 365 into your tenant is easier than ever before.

Key Benefits of the Streamlined Onboarding:

  • Simplified Steps: The onboarding process has been condensed into clear, manageable steps.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive interface guides you through the setup with ease.
  • Quick Setup: Get up and running with EasyLife 365 in no time.
  • Enhanced Support: Comprehensive support and resources are available at every step.

Additionally, we have added a consolidated admin experience across all our products. You can now access admin interfaces for EasyLife 365 and our other products through

We invite all our users to take advantage of these improvements and experience the seamless integration of EasyLife 365. Start collaborating effortlessly and enhance your productivity today!