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Bleeding Hearth

What's new?

We are excited to announce significant enhancements to our approval workflows within EasyLife 365 Collaboration. The latest update introduces the capability to integrate approver webhooks, allowing seamless collaboration with third-party applications. This means that external systems can now dynamically determine the approvers for specific provisioning requests within our platform.

EasyLife 365 Collaboration - Webhook approvers workflow
EasyLife 365 Collaboration - Webhook approvers workflow

How it will affect you?

This update brings enhanced flexibility and customization to administrators and users alike:

  • Greater Flexibility for Administrators: Administrators now have the power to designate approvers for provisioning. The system supports various types of approvers, including:
    • Individual approvers
    • Security groups
    • Requester's manager
EasyLife 365 Collaboration - Webhook approver types
EasyLife 365 Collaboration - Webhook approver types
  • Customization Options for Third-Party Applications: Third-party applications can now utilize webhooks to specify approvers based on their unique business processes and workflows. This opens up new possibilities for integrating our approval workflows seamlessly into diverse enterprise environments.

These enhancements empower our users to streamline approval processes, improve operational efficiency, and adapt our platform to fit their specific organizational needs. We believe these updates will significantly enhance and improve your experience with EasyLife 365 Collaboration.

For more details on how to leverage these new capabilities, please refer to our updated documentation or contact our support team.

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