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Configure Event Logging

Event logging serves as a tool for preserving detailed information concerning the individuals responsible for specific governance actions related to a resource. These governance activities encompass crucial actions, like confirming a process or conducting access reviews. Upon activation, all such operations are systematically recorded within a log analytics workspace of your choice, adhering to a retention period set by your specifications.

Control creation of Microsoft 365 Groups

In the default setup, all users possess the ability to create Microsoft 365 Groups. However, with the introduction of EasyLife 365 Collaboration, you have the option to restrict group creation for all users. By implementing this restriction, you ensure that Microsoft 365 Groups (and Teams) are exclusively generated through EasyLife 365.

EasyLife 365 101

EasyLife 365 Collaboration leverages the Microsoft Identity Platform to handle authorization and authentication for your Microsoft 365 tenant. Your Microsoft 365 administrator will grant permissions to the multi-tenant application identities managed within EasyLife 365 SaaS. Once permissions are granted, you can start configuring EasyLife 365 Collaboration suite using the .

How to deploy the EasyLife 365 Teams app

The EasyLife 365 Collaboration App is accessible as a standalone app or integrated through Teams. The Teams integration is provided by a Teams app package that you can download from the .

How to find and fix Entra ID users with empty UserType property

Entra ID introduced the property UserType in 2014. This property defines whether a user is a member or a guest in your tenant. Entra ID tenants older than 2014 may find this property missing on some users. EasyLife 365 and other applications require the property to be defined.

Install and pin the EasyLife 365 Teams app

To enhance user accessibility, we recommend installing the EasyLife 365 Collaboration App in Microsoft Teams and pinning it to the Teams app bar. This can be managed through Teams app setup policies and app permission policies to control which apps are installed, pinned, allowed, or blocked.


To enable EasyLife 365 Collaboration in your organization, please follow all articles in the Getting Started section. We recommend preparing all prerequisites listed below before starting the onboarding process.