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To manage products with EasyLife 365 Collaboration, users must be assigned a valid license for those products. Specifically, a license that includes Microsoft Teams is required before users can provision new Teams. However, users without a Teams license can still use the web app to perform other activities.

Users must complete the onboarding process before managing resources with the EasyLife 365 Collaboration App. This process includes granting the required permissions to EasyLife in your tenant's Entra ID. For more details, refer to the onboarding section.

Additionally, the default group creation policies on the tenant should be disabled to allow EasyLife to take over the naming convention for these types of resources.

An EasyLife admin must create at least one template for a resource to enable users to create resources using that template. While users can view their resources in the Collaboration area, they will not be able to create new resources if no template is available or if the template is restricted to a specific audience.