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Version: Insiders

Multi-language support

The EasyLife 365 Collaboration App and notifications are available in the following languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, and Turkish. The EasyLife 365 Admin Insiders is available in English.

If you need to introduce a new language to the EasyLife 365 ecosystem, please get in touch.

EasyLife 365 Collaboration always considers the language settings, ignoring region-specific configurations. For example, en-us (English United States) and en-uk (English United Kingdom) are both treated as English.

When an EasyLife component needs to decide on a language, it will try to find a translation in the specified language. If no translation is found, it will default to English.

EasyLife 365 Collaboration App

The EasyLife 365 Collaboration App uses the browser language when opened as a standalone application. When embedded in Microsoft Teams, it defaults to the system language. The language can also be overridden by the language settings in the Microsoft Teams client using the App language.

EasyLife 365 Templates

The EasyLife templates shown to users in the Wizard, including their title, description, and metadata, can be translated into multiple languages. You can configure the language settings in the corresponding section.

EasyLife 365 Email Notifications

EasyLife notification emails are sent by the EasyLife 365 Collaboration Engine. These emails can be sent in the supported languages listed above. The language is determined per recipient in the following order:

  1. Mailbox regional settings (for mailboxes hosted on Exchange Online)
  2. PreferredLanguage attribute in Entra ID
  3. EasyLife default notification language

If neither the mailbox regional settings nor PreferredLanguage lead to a result, the default notification language specified in the EasyLife 365 Admin Insiders is used.

If an administrator configures the PreferredLanguage attribute in Entra ID, users cannot change their language settings in Microsoft 365. If the PreferredLanguage attribute is not set, users can change their language settings via My Account.