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Version: 0.14.0

Servicing Strategy

All incoming feature requests are collected and internally reviewed by our EasyLife 365 team. You can submit a feature request using the contact form on this website. After verification, based on the type of request, the feature is added to the EasyLife 365 roadmap. The roadmap provides customers and partners with an expected timeframe for the delivery of upcoming features. You can view the features we are currently working on here.

In some cases, requested features may not be included in the product. When this happens, customers can utilize one of our extension capabilities, such as webhooks, or contact our integrations team to find a dedicated solution to their needs.

Deployment Rings

EasyLife 365 development follows a roughly monthly update cycle for most features. When a new feature is ready, our developers first push it to the internal EasyLife 365 Staging ring. There, we run a series of automated tests and perform manual validation steps. If these tests are successful, the new features are pushed from the internal staging ring to the Insider ring in the next update cycle. All customers and partners can use the Insider ring in their test environments at no additional cost, allowing them to become familiar with new features before they are deployed to the production environment. We perform additional validation in the Insider ring, and customers and partners can report any bugs they encounter.


It is not supported to register two versions of EasyLife Mail 365 in a single tenant, as the engines would conflict.

In each update cycle, the current Insider ring is then pushed to production, where all partners and customers can access it daily.


Changes requiring immediate attention are delivered as hotfixes after internal testing. These hotfixes are pushed to the corresponding EasyLife 365 Mail production instances.

All changes are communicated through the change log.