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Version: 0.14.0


Please follow all articles in the Getting Started section to enable EasyLife 365 Mail in your organization. We recommend you prepare all prerequisites listed in the following section before you start with the onboarding process.


  • The URL of your EasyLife 365 Onboarding:
  • Global administrator account to consent the permissions to EasyLife 365 Mail in your Entra ID
  • Teams (or global) administrator account to install and pin the EasyLife 365 Mail app using the Teams Admin Center and Outlook experiences
  • A shared mailbox for receiving system notifications
  • A list of users who will be managing EasyLife 365 in your organization
    • Optional: A security group for these accounts

Execute the onboarding process

The onboarding process helps you set up the necessary permissions for the EasyLife 365 Mail applications:

  • EasyLife 365 Admin: This administrative page is used to manage EasyLife 365 Mail. It leverages the EasyLife 365 API and Microsoft Graph to perform required operations.
  • EasyLife 365 Mail: This web application is used by your organization's users. It is accessible as a standalone web application or integrated with Microsoft Teams. It also utilizes the EasyLife 365 API and Microsoft Graph for its operations.

To start onboarding, open and follow the steps. Once you complete the permission initialization steps, you will be redirected to the EasyLife 365 Admin to proceed with the configuration of EasyLife 365 Mail. During the process, you will be asked to assign the Exchange Recipient Administrator permissions:

  1. Log in to the Entra ID portal.
  2. Navigate to Roles & admins and select Exchange Recipient Permissions Administrator.
  3. Click Add assignments and then select Select member(s).
  4. Search for EasyLife 365 Mail and confirm your choices.
  5. If prompted for an Assignment Type, select Active and provide a justification.
  6. Finalize the process by clicking the Assign button.

Onboarding is available for all customers with valid tenants. Test tenants or Contoso tenants are blocked from onboarding. If you need to proceed with onboarding using one of these tenants, please contact support at to enable it.

Restrict Access to the Admin Interfaces

Once onboarding is completed, the EasyLife 365 Admin is managed through Entra ID.


By default, all users in your organization can access the EasyLife 365 Admin once the consent operation is performed.

We recommend restricting access to a select group of administrators using Entra ID:

  1. Navigate to the Entra ID portal and open Entra ID in your tenant.
  2. Go to Applications -> Enterprise applications and search for the previously consented EasyLife 365 Admin application.
  3. Go to Properties, change the setting Assignment required to Yes, and click 💾 Save.
  4. Go to Users and groups and assign the users or groups that should maintain access to the EasyLife 365 Admin.

Control the Visibility of EasyLife 365 Apps in the App Launcher and My Apps

Once onboarding is complete, you will find two new applications in the Enterprise Applications section of your Entra ID. One application is the end-user facing EasyLife 365 Mail, and the other is the EasyLife 365 Admin. The Visible to users? setting in the enterprise application's properties controls whether the application is visible in the Office 365 App Launcher and the My Apps portal.

To make the EasyLife 365 Mail visible to users:

  1. Navigate to the Entra ID portal and open Entra ID in your tenant.
  2. Go to Applications -> Enterprise applications and search for the app you want to change.
  3. Go to Properties, change the setting Visible to users? to Yes or No depending on your preference, and click 💾 Save.