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Version: 0.14.0

Enhancing Trust in EasyLife 365 Resources (CDN)

Users of EasyLife 365 receive notifications via email. To understand the types of notifications sent, refer to the Settings section below. These notification messages originate from our EasyLife 365 SendGrid account and may include images hosted on our content delivery network: By default, Outlook blocks the download of images from external sites. However, images from sites in the Trusted zone are downloaded automatically. As part of the onboarding process, please ensure that the following URL is added to the Trusted sites list on your users' machines:

Endpoint Manager (Intune)

  1. Open the Endpoint Manager admin center and create a new configuration profile.
  2. Create a profile for Windows 10 and select Settings Catalog.
  3. In the configuration settings screen, click Add settings and search for site to zone.
  4. Select ...Internet Control Panel\Security Page and enable the checkbox next to Site to Zone Assignment List (User) in the lower part of the screen.
  5. Close the settings picker.
  6. Back in the configuration settings screen, expand the Administrative Templates section.
  7. Enable the toggle next to Site to Zone Assignment List (User) and add the URL with a value of 2.
  8. Under Included Groups in the assignments screen, click on Select groups to include and choose a group containing your EasyLife users or all users.
  9. Save the profile and allow it a moment to apply to your devices. Alternatively, manually sync your device in the Settings menu of the Company Portal app.